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Oliver Yong

Since young, Oliver knew he was highly sensitive, and he could “sense and see” energies, spirits and other “beings”. He was extremely sensitive to energies, and later found out he is an Intuitive Psychic, Heyoka Empath, INFJ, Medium and Wiccan.

Oliver attended his first 6 days Spiritual Awakening retreat in 2012 and was deeply fascinated by his experiences. Early 2016, he started his journey as a Spiritual Worker and Healer as he joined his first New Age Centre as a practitioner and first begun.

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Oliver's Story

If you are searching for a healer who will listen to your stories and gently guide you through your Dark Nights of The Soul; looking for direction and insights at Life’s crossroads or need Healing, come and have a session with him.




Oliver has published numerous beautiful works, feel free to DM him for more info.