Unlock the Secrets of the Future with BTC Tarot Ordinals

Welcome to our BTC Tarot den, where we're mixing the ancient wisdom of tarot with the modern magic of blockchain. Our collection of sick tarot cards are minted as Bitcoin ordinals, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Explore our selection of beautifully designed and highly sought-after cards.

Whether you're a collector, investor, or simply curious, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and divination. So grab a seat, shuffle the deck, and let's see what the future holds.

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About BTC Tarot

  • Who is BTC Tarot

    Welcome to the world of Tarot Card Ordinals, the newest and most exciting way to explore the timeless mysteries of the Tarot. Our project is dedicated to building a vibrant and dynamic community of Tarot lovers.

  • Exclusive Access

    At the heart of our project is the Tarot Card Ordinals that allows Tarot enthusiasts to explore the world of divination in a whole new way. Holders of BTC Tarot Ordinals will gain access to exclusive benefits, from expert tarot readings and custom-designed merchandise, to curated workshops and events that will inspire, educate, and delight our community of Tarot enthusiasts.

  • Community Driven

    We're passionate about bringing together people who share a love for the Tarot, fostering a community where everyone can learn, grow, and explore together. Whether you're a seasoned tarot reader or a curious newcomer, there's a place for you in our community.

  • Giveaways

    There will be regular giveaways and promotions that our community members can take part in. From digital prints to custom-designed oracle cards, you will definitely not want to miss out!

Free Readings

3 Card Tarot

A 3 card tarot reading is a simple yet powerful tarot spread that involves drawing three cards from the tarot deck and interpreting them in relation to the past, present, and future.    


Use this oracle reading for insight, guidance, and inspiration. Each card features an image, symbol, or word, and may also include a message, affirmation, or prompt to help you connect with your intuition and gain clarity on a particular situation or question.
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Daily Card Pull

A daily card pull to gain insight and guidance for the day ahead. It’s a way to connect with your inner wisdom, intuition, and higher guidance, and to receive messages that can help you navigate any challenges or opportunities that may arise throughout the day.


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Our Team

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Mr Robot

Expert in marketing and digital strategies. XRP bull and NFT addict.
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Ada I.

Talented Artist
Adai consumes massive amount of art for inspiration from the internet. Davinci is her favorite.


Community Manager
Loves Tarot and energy healing. Combined with NFT, seems like the perfect pairing <3


I love wordpress.


Degen | Yield Farmer | NFT Hoarder

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